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Are you looking for a WiFi Installation company in London? Look no further, Optima is London’s premier WiFi specialist. Our professional WiFi engineers are ready to improve, boost, extend and upgrade your WiFi.

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Home Wifi Installation Specialists

Our enhanced unified WiFi works no matter the layout of your home — whether it’s an apartment, a house or a large building. We install WiFi access points throughout your property to deliver a reliable wifi connection.

Optima WiFi engineers deliver a reliable, stable, and secure WiFi solution that is ready for today’s Internet of Things, work-from-home, remote-learning, and online-everything environment.

Reliable WiFi coverage across your entire property for full business and smart home integration.

Home WiFi Installation Service – Wireless Networks.

Slow internet, WiFi dead-spots, buffering and reboots sound familiar? Is it difficult to function, play, stream Netflix or use Zoom in any room in your house? Rather than traditional routers and range extenders we fit managed access points and mesh infrastructure. This provides efficient and secure WiFi to the whole home.

WiFi is now very much part of our daily lives. Smart homes have Computers, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Mobiles, Smart TV’s and even Heating Systems working on wifi.

If the WiFi Router is at the far end of your home or office, it may not be enough to provide a WiFi Signal for all smart devices in the property.

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Business WiFi / Small Business Wireless Solutions

Optima Computers provides professional Business WiFi network solutions for small to mid-sized businesses ensuring full coverage, network security, guest logins via our enterprise data and traffic management portal.

Business WiFi Benefits:

Optima offers comprehensive WiFi solutions:

If you are Small Business or have a large property we can help you get a wireless (WiFi) solution that is tailored specifically for your needs.

We will usually do an initial consultation and then a Wi-Fi site survey to see what your needs are. From there, we identify where the best locations for your Wireless Access Points (AP) will be. Our qualified WiFi engineers will then fit all the equipment at a time that suits you.

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My P.C crashed - failed hard drive - the guys at Optima replaced the SSD, reloaded all my data so I had the PC back by the end of the week.Excellent service at a fair cost
Andrew Mortensen
Andrew Mortensen
13:35 27 Nov 21
Great service, big thanks to Khrish for your support and guidance, can’t recommend you guys enough !!!
Ashley Miskin
Ashley Miskin
20:43 24 Nov 21
Excellent service. Problem solved via off site and online assistance.
Stuart Berliner
Stuart Berliner
17:15 24 Nov 21
I came to Optima with a fried laptop and a bunch of other tech problems, and received an excellent service. Krish was extremely responsive and helped find the best solution for each of my devices, managing to recover important data from the damaged laptop.I would thoroughly recommend visiting Optima if you are in need of technical assistance.
Rosie Walsh
Rosie Walsh
16:28 18 Nov 21
Khrishnan from Optima installed my new iMac desktop and transferred ten years of data from my old Mac to my new one today. It took about three hours to do together with setting up and installing some new software. The process was trouble free and smoothly undertaken. Khrish provided succinct and clear advice and guidance throughout. Altogether a very satisfactory experience. To be recommended.In addition Optima transferred all data from my wife's old and damaged Mac Air to a new one. The prices was cleverly managed as the old computer was damaged beyond repair. The task was completed efficiently and courteously. All in all a very good performance.
Roger Slade
Roger Slade
14:47 16 Nov 21

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    Common WiFi Problems

    Your ISP & Router Replacement Is Not A WiFi Solution

    When the WiFi isn’t running well, often company owners contact their Internet Service Provider. The ISP recommends that the router be replaced. This accomplishes little as depending on the structure of your property , wifi signals can only be propagated well for 100 to 200 feet by routers. The issue isn’t with the router.

    Most of the time, the issue is with the signal outside the router, as well as network traffic. If you get an internet signal at your place of operation, your ISP has met its duty to you. WiFi networking is the responsibility of your IT networking business, not your ISP. You’ll need adequate networking, commercial WiFi facilities, additional cable runs, and QoS programming.

    If internet and WiFi are vital to your enterprise, you should consider setting up a failover link with a secondary ISP to provide at least basic WiFi if your primary provider goes down. Often a good ISP will provide 4G/5G failover SIMs which are integrated into your ISPs router.

    Internet Is Too Slow For WiFi

    If you have the choice, go for fibre internet. If that isn’t an alternative, go with the fastest internet kit your ISP has to sell. The size of your internet conduit influences the amount of traffic that can pass through it at any given time. A quick internet connection is expected for several people to operate on WiFi or the web at the same time.

    Too Much WiFi Traffic

    The most popular WiFi problem is when you want to do too much on your network. You’ll need Quality Of Service programming to coordinate traffic on your network for optimal efficiency.

    Building Interfering WiFi Signal

    Your WiFi signal may be blocked or disrupted by concrete barriers, steel frames, and electrical interference. This is quickly achieved by using hardware preparation to determine where components can be put to maximise the experience.

    Residential Equipment In The Office

    Residential WiFi infrastructure was not designed to handle industrial WiFi loads. It can’t be set up to route and prioritise voice or data traffic on your network, either. Keep your personal belongings at home. In the office, use efficient, commercial-grade WiFi hardware.

    Wrong WiFi Configuration

    NAT loops, printer and computer compatibility concerns, and spotty WiFi signals may all be caused by a poor initial configuration or insufficient hardware. Much of this can be tackled in advance with a well-thought-out strategy.

    No WiFi Security

    WiFi is unstable by itself. Those WiFi thieves will slow you down or hack your data if you don’t have guest WiFi or if it isn’t set up with a partition. These issues can be alleviated with improved security protocols.