IT Network Security – What We Offer?

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Millions of jobs depend on businesses having proper security and protecting businesses both with hardware and software is the biggest thing we at Optima Computers can help you do.

At Optima Computers we can help to deploy security products to suit your business needs. So, whether it be an endpoint protection service, antivirus for windows servers or security for email servers, we have a business security solution specific suited to you.

Endpoint protection service

This looks at defending each device on your network that is remotely accessing your resources and assessing the security threats they pose. This policy based approach to network security ensures that devices on your network are compliant before they get access to any of your data and resources.


This helps protect, prevent and detect virus infections on both individual computers as well as on your whole IT system. Anti-virus software helps stop possible attacks from malware, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware and many other malicious threats which can cause your business havoc.


We can help with all security aspects for protecting your business, from physically securing your servers to deploying firewalls to setting up policies to protect servers and users. We will ensure to keep your infrastructure safe and secure and working efficiently so you don’t need to worry about anything.

We can help provide:

  • Remote Management – This checks to see that all your PCs are protected remotely from a single location, giving an overall insight into your network at all times
  • Firewall Security – Keeps hackers out of your system so you are safer online. We keep track of any Brute force attacks before they cause damage to your servers
  • PC Security – We can provide malware and antivirus protection for your PCs and laptops, and have solutions to match your budget
  • Email Server Security – Keep your emails safe direct from server to the inbox.
  • File Server Security– Software Security protection for all your Servers
  • Complete Network Protection – We can help secure all types of desktop and laptops
  • Email Protection – Scan and check your emails to reduce you falling prey to online scams before they hit your inbox
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