Remote IT Support Session – 30 Mins


This service should only be booked after speaking to our agents first on 020 8445 6700 - Option 1

WHAT IS INCLUDED: A half hour remote IT support session with a qualified residential IT engineer.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Your computer should be functioning well enough to connect to the internet. We need to be able to access your computer using our remote support tools. If you cannot connect to the internet our agents will advise you of the next steps – possibly to book an onsite engineer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the session exceeds half an hour, additional time is billed in half hour increments. Any additional costs will be payable at the end of the remote support session by credit or debit card as we do NOT offer any terms for payment. If you require an invoice in a company name or are paying with a company card you will be charged per our business remote support fees.